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    On behalf of European Group of Institutes of Navigation (EUGIN) and Polish Navigation Forum (PNF), I invite you to participate in the next edition of European Navigation Conference (ENC). The conference is organized by the Polish Navigation Forum. PNF is a non-profit organization, founded in the 80’s, with the aim of association of people involved in development of the science of navigation. Since mid 90ties Forum is a member of EUGIN and consequently represents Polish navigation society out of the country. This is the second-time Poland is hosting ENC conference participants. This time, we invite you to Warsaw.

    Warsaw is the capital of Poland. In 1945, after the bombing during II World War when the fighting has ended, most of Warsaw lay in ruins. Next to the remnants of Gothic architecture the ruins of splendid edifices from the time of Congress Poland and ferroconcrete relics of prewar building jutted out of the rubble. At once, the Bureau of Capital’s Rebuilding was established. In 1953. The Old Town and the Royal Route were reconstructed to look like they had before the war (aided by numerous pictures by many artists, including Canaletto). Rebuilding the Old Town was an achievement on a global scale. In 1980, UNESCO appreciated the efforts and inscribed Old Town onto UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The political changes in Poland in 1989 caused that Warsaw began to develop faster.

    The history and the present day of the city indicates that Warsaw is a very good place for presents the results of own research for the development of all kind of navigation and transport. The topics of conference are very wide and everyone will find a place for the presentation of own research work. Therefore, we invite all of you to take part in next edition of European Navigation Conference. Every year, during the ENC, an exhibition of companies and research institutions operating in the field of navigation and transport and other related fields of the economy is also organized. Thanks to this, business and science are developing even closer together. On the other hand, the recognition of companies in the world is growing. Therefore, we invite representatives of business to take part in the exhibition which is organized together with the conference. Therefore, the conference will be held under the slogans: Science, Education, Applications.

    I hope that I will be able to welcome you in 2019, during European Navigation Conference (ENC 2019) in Warsaw.

    Krzysztof Czaplewski
    President of Polish Navigation Forum
    Member of EUGIN Council